A New Environmentalism

June 14, 2021

A new environmentalism

  • Does not settle for campaigns to impoverish our lives but strives to make natural resources abundantly and sustainably available,
  • Avoids top-down regulatory approaches recognizing that one-size does not fit all,
  • Recognizes that economically feasible solutions are essential tools for environmental preservation,
  • Refuses to leave people, businesses, economies and communities degraded or destroyed in the name of environmental progress,
  • Rejects calls to condition and hold hostage environmental sustainability to partisan political agendas,
  • Recognizes that concern for environmental preservation is not the sole province of a select few visionaries but widely shared by people of all occupations, races and creeds.

Bill Gates on Nuclear Power

June 13, 2021

CNBC: "According to Gates, 'if we’re serious about solving climate change, and quite frankly we have to be, the first thing we should do is keep safe reactors operating.'”

"But 'even then, just maintaining that status quo is not enough. We need more nuclear power to zero out emissions in America and to prevent a climate disaster,' Gates said Wednesday."

Russia, China, Iran Will Offset Fossil Fuel Reductions in U.S.

June 10, 2021

Wall Street Journal: "Unless there is some technology breakthrough, demand for fossil fuels will continue to grow for decades. And Russia and China will take advantage of U.S. energy disarmament. Russian oil giant Rosneft warned last fall that retrenchment by U.S. and European companies would result in higher prices and shortages. 'Someone will need to step in,' Rosneft senior executive Didier Casimiro said."

"In November Rosneft announced a $170 billion oil and gas project in Russia’s north, which it claims can supply the entire world’s oil demand for a year. It says the project will become the world’s largest liquefied natural gas producer by 2030. Russia is also laying down thousands of miles of oil and gas pipelines to supply Europe and Asia."

Scooters Running on Hydrogen Cartridges

June 09, 2021


France: "Mob-ion scooters are powered by hydrogen. Like all other vehicles of this type - bicycles, cars, buses, trains, boats, planes, etc. - the coupling of hydrogen and a fuel cell produces the electrical energy which will power the engine. No noise, no greenhouse gas emissions like heat or combustion engines, but only water."

DOE Targets 80% Reduction in Cost of Green Hydrogen

June 08, 2021

U.S. DOE: "Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm today launched the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Energy Earthshots Initiative, to accelerate breakthroughs of more abundant, affordable, and reliable clean energy solutions within the decade. The first Energy Earthshot—Hydrogen Shot—seeks to reduce the cost of clean hydrogen by 80% to $1 per kilogram in one decade."

Nuclear Needs Consistent Political Support to Address Climate

April 02, 2021

World Nuclear News: "Private investors need to see clear and consistent political support for nuclear energy as a way to tackle climate change if they are to play a role in raising the large amount of capital required for new-build projects, Stephen Vaughan, vice chair of Energy & Power at Rothschild & Co, said yesterday during World Nuclear Association's Strategic eForum on Sustainable Finance."

Duke Energy Cannot Reach Carbon Targets without Nuclear

April 02, 2021

Bloomberg: “'The safety record here in the U.S. is extraordinarily strong,' Good said, referring to nuclear power. 'Frankly, I don’t see a way for us to reach our carbon goals without nuclear being part of the equation.'"

Grid Scale Batteries

February 25, 2021

Mark P. Mills: "To fix green unreliability, proponents are pushing grid-scale batteries. For perspective, however, consider what would be required for the Texas grid to handle predictable occurrences of several days without wind or sunlight. The quantity of batteries needed equals a decade’s worth of the entire world’s production, at a cost well north of $400 billion, an amount of money that could build enough nuclear plants to power the entire Texas grid for the next century, not just a few days."

"This says nothing about the global emissions associated with fabricating the batteries. Most batteries, and the key materials needed to make them, are produced mainly in Asia (primarily China) on coal-dominated grids. Don’t ignore, either, the gigatons of “energy minerals” that must be mined, along with those attendant environmental and geopolitical costs. The storage of electricity at grid scales is limited by physics barriers, not engineering challenges."

Japan's Energy Minister, "Nuclear Indispensable"

February 22, 2021

World Nuclear News: "In his interview with the Financial Times, published yesterday, Kajiyama said: 'Personally, I think nuclear power will be indispensable.' He described Japan's electricity supply as 'touch-and-go' during heavy snowfall last month, which resulted in high electricity prices and tight supplies in some areas of the country. 'Solar wasn't generating. Wind wasn't generating. I'm trying to persuade everybody that in the end we need nuclear power.'

Tech-Neutral Approach Includes Nuclear

February 11, 2021

The Hill: "During his campaign, Biden ran on a sweeping clean energy plan, pledging to achieve a carbon-free electricity sector by 2035 with net zero emissions economy-wide by 2050 as part of his “all of government” plan for climate. The president’s proposed tech-neutral approach opens the door for an inclusive plan to combat climate change, which includes nuclear power — the nation’s largest carbon-free source of energy. This marks the first time nuclear power has been a part of the Democratic platform since 1972."