San Jose's Traffic-Intense General Plan Held Unlawful

May 07, 2015

The California Clean Energy Committee has successfully over-turned the City of San Jose General Plan due to the failure to adequately analyze impacts resulting from a lack of housing for people employed in the city.  The City's recent update of its general plan would require 109,000 additional housing units to be built elsewhere in the region for employees working in San Jose.

The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) described the effect of that kind of planning in its 2007-2014 Regional Housing Needs Plan—

In the Bay Area, as in many metropolitan areas, cities with employment centers have historically planned for insufficient housing to match job growth.  This lack of housing has escalated Bay Area housing costs.  Unmet housing demand has also pushed housing production to the edges of our region and to outlying areas.  San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and San Benito counties have produced much of the housing needed for Bay Area workers.  People moving to these outlying areas has led to longer commutes on increasingly congested freeways and inefficient use of public transportation infrastructure and land.  Negative impacts on health, equity, air quality, the environment and overall quality of life in the Bay Area also result.

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19 Gigawatt Hours of Renewable Energy Dumped

February 03, 2015

Here is some important data about dumping renewables from Scientific American--

In California, where renewable energy makes up 20 percent of retail electricity sales, an overproduction of solar and wind during the middle of the day forced the state to dump 19 gigawatt-hours of prepurchased renewable energy last year.  Electrolyzers could effectively serve as energy storage by using that excess generation to make renewable hydrogen.

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Catholic Bishops on Climate Change

December 14, 2014

Catholic Bishops explain climate change--

Following the evangelical option for the poor, we work closely with the most vulnerable communities and the excluded and as such are closely attuned to how the problem of climate change is affecting them. Our message to political leaders and all people of good will is rooted in the experience and suffering of these poor communities. . . .

We recognize that much good has happened on Earth through the rightful and responsible intelligence, technology and industry of humankind under God's loving care. And yet in recent decades many grave adversities such as climate change, with its devastating impact on Nature itself, on food security, health and migration, led to a great number of suffering people worldwide.

We express an answer to what is considered God's appeal to take action on the urgent and damaging situation of global climate warming. The main responsibility for this situation lies with the dominant global economic system, which is a human creation. . . .

We as Bishops call on all parties . . . to build new models of development and lifestyles that are both climate compatible and bring people out of poverty. Central to this is to put an end to the fossil fuel era, phasing out fossil fuel emissions and phasing in 100% renewables with sustainable energy access for all.

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Picker Casts the Future

November 29, 2014

Commission Picker has issued a proposed order that will direct major California utilities to prepare plans to integrate renewable energy resources into their distribution grids. Picker has cast a balance between far reaching goals for localized energy production and the real-world challenges of moving utilities forward. Comments due December 12.  Picker's Draft Order