American Canyon Litigation Settled

The litigation commenced by CCEC against the City of American Canyon in July, 2019, has been successfully settled with the city committing to add a number of important measures to the Broadway District Specific Plan to address vehicle congestion, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy efficiency.  As a result of CCEC's efforts, combined with the on-going work at the city and NVTA, the Broadway District Specific Plan will now be amended to include important new provisions--

  • Bus-on-Shoulder Program
  • Transit Priority Program
  • Transit Stops at Signalized Intersections
  • Class 1 Bike Paths Connected to Transit Stops
  • TDM Marketing Program
  • Transit Pass Program

The failure to include provisions of this sort in the Broadway District Specific Plan was pointed out to the city in detail before the plan was adopted, and the concern was rejected by the city.

Due to the substantial traffic congestion issues faced by the area as well as the high priority that California places on reducing GHG emissions, improving air quality, and providing affordable mobility to economically disadvantaged populations, the omission was a significant oversight. The settlement is a clear win for the community and the environment.

CCEC will monitor progress and implementation going forward.

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