Nuclear Energy and Climate Change

Lexington Institute: "President Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, labor unions, and a growing number of climate change advocates worldwide, including progressive heads of state, strongly support nuclear power. Today’s Democratic candidates for president, though, do not."

"The candidates often talk about the existential crisis from climate change. But they are dismissive of nuclear power, which accounts for 55 percent of our non-carbon electricity. Wind and solar, meanwhile, still comprise less than 10 percent of the U.S. electricity supply."

"It was not always this way."

"In 2010, Obama bluntly said, 'Nuclear energy remains our largest source of fuel that produces no carbon emissions. To meet our growing energy needs and prevent the worst consequences of climate change, we’ll need to increase our supply of nuclear power. It’s that simple.'”

"Obama later doubled down on nuclear power. In November 2015, the White House announced a series of steps to 'ensure that nuclear energy remains a vibrant component of the United States’ clean energy strategy.'”

"In September 2016 Hillary Clinton told Scientific American, 'Meeting the climate change challenge is too important to limit the tools available in this fight. Nuclear power, which accounts for more than 60 percent of our zero-carbon power generation today, is one of those tools.” Clinton also pledged to “increase investment in the research, development and deployment of advanced nuclear power.'”

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