Prepare for 10 Feet of Sea Level Rise on California Coast

Scientific American: "California coastal cities should be prepared for the possibility that oceans will rise more than 10 feet by 2100sea_cliff.jpg and submerge parts of beach towns, the state Coastal Commission warns in new draft guidance."

"The powerful agency, which oversees most development along 1,100 miles of coast, will consider approving the guidance this fall. A staff report recommending the changes was released last week."

"Earlier commission guidance put top sea-level rise at 6 feet by 2100. But according to the new report, there’s the 'potential for rapid ice loss to result in an extreme scenario of 10.2 feet of sea level rise' by the end of the century."

"Even without the 10-foot rise, the draft guidance cautions, as much as two-thirds of Southern California beaches 'may be completely lost due to rising sea level.'”

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