Tree Mortality at Lake Tahoe

Sacramento Bee: "Lake Tahoe’s famously clear waters continue to warm, and the surrounding forests face dire threats due to drought, disease and insects, according to the annual Tahoe State of the Lake report by researchers at UC Davis."

"Tree mortality in Tahoe’s forests has also increased drastically, with the number of dead trees more than doubling from 35,000 in 2015 to 72,000 last year due to the stress of the drought combined with attacks from insects and disease, according to the report. The problem was worst on Tahoe’s north shore, but forests on the east shore were also affected."

"Patricia Maloney, a researcher who is part of the Tahoe Environmental Research Center at UC Davis, likens the trees to straws in the ground that compete to suck up the water."

“'We’re basically in a crisis,' she said about the large number of dead and dying trees in the Tahoe Basin. 'It all started with the drought. The trees become weakened and then they’re susceptible to attack by disease or insect infestation.'”

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