California Clean Energy Committee is an environmental organization that advocates throughout California for energy efficiency and renewable energy including solar, wind, geothermal, nuclear energy, and energy efficiency. The organization is interested in research, public education, and advocacy supporting renewable energy, energy-efficient communities, sustainable transportation, sustainable agriculture, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and related topics. The organization was established in 2008.

The Committee develops and compiles information pertaining to renewable energy generation and energy efficiency and uses that information to inform local and state government agencies and the general public concerning how public policy can support energy conservation in California.

The Committee focuses on identifying cost-effective energy conservation practices that can be adopted in the near term and that can be replicated in developing countries.  The Committee focuses on strategic energy conservation opportunities.  

The Committee's work revolves around research, education and advocacy.  The Committee works with members of local communities and statewide organizations to educate citizens on how they can effectively advocate for and implement renewable energy and energy conservation practices.  The Committee helps to bridge the gap between current energy research and public policy development. The Committee's campaigns are supported by hundreds of people across California.