Corporate Heavyweights Push for Regional Toll Network

Washington Post: "A group of corporate leaders is pushing for a robust, interconnected network of toll lanes from Baltimore to Richmond, saying the region should embrace tolling to improve the reliability of the region’s roadways and reduce congestion while generating a funding stream to pay for transportation infrastructure."

"The Greater Washington Partnership has identified principles it says can guide elected and government officials to successfully grow the toll road network."

“'We have done tolling separately in Virginia and Maryland, but we really need to do this as a region,' said Joe McAndrew, the group’s director of transportation policy. 'We need to be thinking about this to incorporate and benefit the broader transportation system.'”

Greater Washington Partnership:

"1. Tolling investments should improve the transportation system, not just the tolled facility

"2. Toll planning should be coordinated regionally to deliver the benefits of greater mobility and reliability to all consumers of the transportation system

"3. Decision-makers should prioritize providing enhanced connectivity to the greatest number of people, not moving the most vehicles or generating the most revenue

"4. Consumers of all income levels should benefit from the tolling investment, including those without the financial means to afford the tolls

"5. Tolling revenue should be invested in cost-effective public transportation enhancements

"6. Public agencies should conduct robust and broad public engagement to develop goals, performance metrics and public benefit assessments for each tolling project, whether delivered by the public agency or by a public-private partnership."

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