Nuclear Providing More Than Clean Power

Forbes:  “'I'm so confident that the United States nuclear-energy technologies can and will play a major role in providing the United States and the world clean reliable energy for many decades to come,' said Rita Baranwal, assistant secretary for the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy."

"Nonetheless, nuclear has to compete with cheaper natural gas, renewables, and battery storage."

“'Nuclear energy is revolutionary beyond electricity generation, though,' Baranwall continued. 'It can provide low-emission energy for water desalination to achieve worldwide water security. It can be used to decarbonize the industrial sector with process heat. It can also be used to decarbonize the transportation sector with hydrogen and electrification.'”

"Nuscale Power expects to receive approval in September from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for its small, modular light-water reactor. The phone has been 'ringing off the hook' as the reactor approaches approval, Nuscale Chief Strategy Officer Chris Colbert said, because the stringent NRC approval is attractive to other countries."

"The approval process has taken 42 months so far, Colbert said. Now the challenge is to reduce costs for those customer countries."

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