Warehouse Project Must Evaluate Renewable Energy Technologies

Pages_from_01_Vol_4_Original_DEIR_Sections_1.0-3.0_(1_of_3).jpgThe Riverside County Superior Court has overturned the City of Moreno Valley's approval of the World Logistics Center--a 2,710 acre project for the construction of 41.4 million square feet of “high-cube logistics” warehousing.

CCEC notified the city repeatedly beginning in April, 2013, that it should evaluate the renewable energy potential of the project including rooftop solar, energy storage, and microgrid technologies. 

CCEC engaged advanced energy modeling for the project undertaken by HOMER Energy which found a “compelling opportunity” for the integration of renewable energy.

The Riverside County Superior Court concluded, "The City failed to conduct 'a good faith reasoned analysis' of cost-effective renewable energy in the FEIR."

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